Planning a Speaking Event?

Suzanne has worked with young people and adults in a speaking and motivational setting for three decades.

Her credentials include:

  • Breast cancer and open-heart surgery survivor. 
  • Bachelors degree in journalism.
  • Twice published (and counting) best-selling fiction author.
  • Certified life coach who has helped dozens of women with health and life direction.
  • Founder of Story Igniters - dedicated to helping readers find their own real super powers.
  • Mother of five, grandmother of seven.

Possible Topics

  • My very favorite is real-life super powers and how we all have them - but when we don't understand them, we find anxiety and blocks. It's absolutely life-changing and fun for kids and adults alike.
  • As both a late-stage breast cancer survivor, and a heart-failure/open-heart surgery patient who turned combines eastern and western medicine to survive - I've got a whole slew of topics on health and survivorship that I can cover.
  • The power of fiction and fiction writing is always a fun topic.
  • You tell me! I've got decades of experience and can pull together pretty much anything that your audience will enjoy. 

Thinking of a Booking?

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