Want an ExtraNormal Retreat?

Here it is!

Fall 2019

What you'll get out of it:

  • Find out which ExtraNormal super powers you currently have - and how to help them grow.
  • Learn why having these powers is actually holding you back from every day tasks. (Hint - it starts with anxiety).
  • Learn why you're being blocked and unable to move forward, and how to remove those blocks.
  • Get personalized time with the author as part of a small, intimate beta team.

If you looked at the beta-course, you'll notice the objectives are exactly the same. The difference? WE'RE GOING TO BE TOGETHER!!!

There is honestly nothing that brings rapid change like the intimate experience of a small retreat.

And I am so freaking excited!

Plan so far:

LOCATION: Salt Lake City, Utah

DATE: Fall, 2019 (exact date to be determined).

SCHEDULE: Arrive Friday evening, stay Saturday & Sunday, leave Sunday after breakfast.

PLAN: Have as much fun as is humanly-possible, while working face-to-face in an intimate setting to release anxiety blocks, master emotions, and find our hidden super powers. 

WHO IS IT FOR: While all retreats will vary, this one is for women 18 and older. You don't need to be a reader or writer, but you'll have more fun if you are. 

PRICE: TBA, but we're keeping it as low as humanly possible. Price will include 2 nights lodging, all meals, and a whole bunch of crazy fun activities.

There are very limited spots. We won't allow more than ten ladies. Jump on the wait list and we'll let you know the moment we have the specific details. 

Want to come have a blast and find your super powers in person?

Ach! I can't even tell you how excited that makes me. Get on the wait list and we'll be in touch with the deets once we have them. 

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