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Super powers used to be the stuff of fiction. But what if they were real? What if YOU could develop super powers? And...what if those powers are inside you right now, but actually BLOCKING you from doing the things you KNOW you want to do? Our BETA course is taking applicants. Jump on our notification list. 

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What's an ExtraNormal? In fiction, it's someone with extra abilities beyond the normal human being. In real-life, ExtraNormals are everywhere. They have powers that they often don't even recognize. Take the assessment to see if you're an ExtraNormal right here. 

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They told her it would be simple. Blend in and observe. What they didn’t tell her was that failure would cost her everything.


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About the author...

Hey friend! I'm so happy you came to hang out here. My story is a little long, and full of as many plot twists as my books. I'm lucky to have a wonderful family, and to be able to spend my days using my imagination both reading and writing novels. You can read more about my story on my About Me page.

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