• Thrown: a prequel to the ExtraNormal Chronicles

    Sometimes the prize is even bigger than your dreams...The biggest competition ever on the planet Nreim is ending with an energy battle in an arena packed with more people than 17-year-old Geery has seen in one place in her lifetime. She’s beat out over 600 contestants to make the top three, an accomplishment she never expected. She’s hardly allowed herself to dream of the prize—an assignment to Earth acting as a government agent. But now that she's at the top, she wants to win more than she thought possible. As she prepares for battle, she learns that the judging has been based on politics more than merit, and her arrogant competitor Graseph is slated to win before the energy spar even starts. Can Geery go up against a corrupt government, and an opponent who doesn’t mind cheating, to actually win the competition? Get it here.

  • ExtraNormal Book One in the ExtraNormal Chronicles

    When 17-year old Mira Johns travels from the Planet Nreim to Earth, she wastes no time blowing through a long list of rules, including the requirement that she stay away from the planet’s teenage males. But when it appears that her actions have put her new friends in danger, Mira must figure out who is behind a series of violent attacks before the agency figures out her secret relationship and sends her back home.


    Release date: November 19. Watch for pre-orders coming soon. Learn more here.

In the Pipeline: 

  • Stars: Book Two in the ExtraNormal Chronicles

    Currently in draft mode. Scheduled for release March 2020. 

  • Diamonds: Book Three in the ExtraNormal Chronicles

    Scheduled for release June 2020.


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