Suzanne Reese is the author... 

who found a large a scary lump just a few months after publishing her first novel (in 2009) and immediately found herself tumbling down the rabbit’s hole. In the next decade, she managed to stay alive, publish just one more novel, and become immersed in the world of holistic healing and light. That journey changed the trajectory of her life and her writing. After years of trying to “find her purpose,” she made her way back to the stories she left behind, and realized that the answers had been there all along. 

Suzanne has a bachelor's degree in communications from Utah State University. She also has a certification as a life coach from NSA and studied under Dr. Josh Axe at the Institute for Nutritional Leadership. 

Her 2nd book, ExtraNormal, was an Amazon best-seller, and is currently being re-released with a global launch, prior to release of the remainder of the books in the series.  

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