EXTRANORMAL is coming (back)...

The Amazon Best-Selling Speculative Fiction is about to be re-released with new content, in hard-cover and audio.


Soon to be Re-Released


Seven years ago, a book about a high school girl who was from far...far...away...was released to the world. Within a few days it became an Amazon best-seller and a top pick in Barnes & Noble stores. Then stuff happened and books two and three never saw the light of day...until now and it's back bigger and better than ever before. Click the button below to get more of the story, and to learn how you can participate in the global launch.



And Beyond Books...

Meet Story Igniters!

Story igniters is where science meets fiction. It's where fantasy meets real life. It's where readers of all ages can find their own real-life super powers and do away with the blocks that are holding them back from living a life that's even better than the heroes in the books they love. With courses, events & retreats - there a plenty of ways to start igniting your real-life story.

Story Igniter Courses

Super powers used to be the stuff of fiction. But what if they were real? What if YOU could develop super powers? And...what if those powers are inside you right now, but actually BLOCKING you from doing the things you KNOW you want to do? Our BETA course is taking applicants. Jump on our notification list. 


Speaking Events

Spend a dynamic and motivating hour learning how the world is changing the way we interact with one another and the way we see ourselves. We're all more capable of super powers than ever before. Fiction and real-life science come together in ways you'd never expect. Currently booking for 2019 & 2020.


Story Igniter Retreats

You are the creator of your story. At Story Igniter we help you get past old traumas and anxiety to write the powerful story you know is inside of you. Nothing brings powerful change like real-life hands-on experiences with like-minded people. Space is limited. Currently taking applications.


From the Blog

Latest thoughts, news, and musings on the concept of becoming your own real-life super hero. (Or at least living like you are one).

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